Postpartum Essentials

Updated: Feb 9

This is the phase that very few people talk about called the 4th trimester. Your body has been through war, you look in the mirror and barely recognize yourself, and you are sent home from wherever you gave birth with a new baby to take care of, so let’s just say trying to take care of yourself as well is not an easy task! Here are a few of my favorite postpartum items, specifically for a vaginal birth, however some would be helpful after a C-section as well.

Disclaimer: “This post contains affiliate links. As an amazon associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. I only recommend products that I use and stand behind”

1. Padsicles

These pads are AMAZING for someone who had a vaginal delivery. The hospital provides you with some, I recommend, asking for more each change of shift and bringing a good stockpile home with you. If you are looking to spend a little bit of money, the FRIDA MOM padsicles are really great, I bought some and they provided amazing relief and the cooling effect lasted WAY longer with the Frida pads than the hospital pads. I have also seen DIY padsicle instructions floating around the internet if that’s your cup of tea.

2. Peri bottle

Again, an essential for those who had a vaginal birth. You are not going to be able to clean yourself with toilet paper for a while post delivery, especially if you tore and have stitches. The hospital does provide you with a bottle, however I purchased the Frida bottle which is a way better design then what the hospital gives. It has a long neck so it makes it easier to access the parts you need to clean

3. Colace

So, this one applies to both vaginal and C-section births. So many people warn you about the first bowel movement post delivery, and it’s a scary thing. Take your stool softener! That’s all I have to say on this one!

4. Disposable undies or Adult diapers

Again, the hospital will provide you with these. I suggest trying to stock up on these if you can, try asking for more with change of shift. I also have some friends who preferred to go the Adult diaper route. Whether you have a C-section or a Vaginal birth, you want to wear something you won’t mind staining and throwing out and being extra stretchy is a plus. The stretchiness apples to your post-partum clothes as well! You likely won't fit into any pre-pregnancy clothing; I actually wore my maternity clothes for up to 6 weeks post-partum. I recommend stocking up on some regular pads if you go the underwear route for when you finish with padsicles. Every person is different, but can continue to bleed for weeks after delivery.

5. Witchhazal pads.

I got a container of these from the hospital, (like previously stated, ask for more), and I actually went through them all and had to buy another container on amazon. These are great for healing and pain relief post vaginal delivery

6. Nipple Butter (for nursing moms)

I am so glad I had a bottle of this waiting for me at home. As a first time mom and first time breast feeder I did not know how essential this was going to be. In fact, I wish I had taken it to the hospital with me and used it after each breastfeeding session there, because by the time I came home I was already having a lot of discomfort/soreness. The brand I use is Earth Momma Organics, and it was a lifesaver in those first few weeks

7. Some type of pain reliver

I was recommended Advil liquid gels by the nurse when I was leaving the hospital. They worked wonders for me, I had to take them pretty regularly for about a week for pain control. Everybody has a different pain tolerance, but I think it would be beneficial to have a bottle ready in your medicine cabinet just in case. Dermoplast also works wonders for pain relief, and I was given a bottle during my hospital stay


What were your postpartum essentials?