Goals for the New Year

Updated: Feb 8

I can’t believe it is already 2022! I think every year ends with most of us commenting on how we can’t believe another year has passed and gentle reflection on how we spent the past year. 2021 will be a year I will never forget, although stressful with the ongoing COVID pandemic, it was also a year where great things happened for many people. Rather than focus on the negatives I think we could all stand to look at the positive things that occurred. For me the best part of 2021 was the birth of my daughter in October.

Now I am not usually one for making Resolutions, however this year I wanted to set some personal goals that I think will help make 2022 a fantastic year. If you are looking for some simple ideas to make your own goals, see below

1. Read or listen to 1 book per month

I used to be a big reader, when I was younger, I would read several books per month. Now, I seem to spend more of that downtime catching up on whatever new show is on Netflix. Reading has only become more difficult with having a baby in the family. This Is why I am giving myself the option of an audiobook. I am all about attainable goals, and sometimes physically sitting down to read won’t be possible. Listening to an audiobook while I cook, clean or feed the baby will help to enrich my day

2. Go on one date per month with husband

This is so important, especially after having a new baby. Parents need time away to maintain their relationship and spend quality time together. Sabino and I went on our first date night a week ago and we both had such a great time. We went out to a nice dinner, had some delicious cocktails, and relaxed while my mom took care of the baby. Now date night doesn’t necessarily need to be going out to a nice dinner. You can go check out a new coffee shop, go for a walk in the park, have a wine and cheese night. There are so many different options out there, as long as you are spending time together, that’s what is important

3. Life with less, get rid of clutter, buy only what I need

Do you ever look around you house and wonder where all the stuff came from? I know we do, and I know the fact of the matter is we probably don’t need half of it. I really want to go through the different areas of our house, like the closets, the bathroom cabinets, kitchen cabinets and declutter them all. The second part of this is after decluttering, I don’t want to refill them with a bunch of junk we don’t need. That means only buying what we truly need and living with less

4. Meal plan prior to grocery shopping

Cooking dinner at the end of a long day is always challenging. I find that it is easier if at the beginning of the week, I plan exactly what we are going to eat each night and buy groceries based on what we will be eating. There have been too many times where we go to the food store, buy an assortment of random items and then have no idea what to cook. Having a plan makes it so much easier, because it takes out all the stress of trying to figure out what to eat at night when you are tired and hungry and end up reaching for the takeout menu

5. Write 2 blog posts per month

I really enjoy writing this blog and I want it to grow. My goal is to be writing at least a minimum of 2 posts per month, however if I can do more I will!

6. Prioritize health and fitness everyday

So, I hate the new year's resolutions that say I am going to lose 20 pounds or I’m only going to eat chicken and vegetables. To me this is not healthy, I don’t like focusing on a number or limiting foods that I enjoy. Instead, I want to make sure I move my body every day, whether this be taking the baby for a walk or doing a quick workout. I have been using the Tone it Up App, and currently I am following their Postnatal workouts. They have been a nice easy way to get back into fitness, a lot of the workouts are about 10 minutes, so I can usually get a quick 2 videos in during naptime


1. Do you have New Year’s Goals?

2. If so, what are your Goals?

3. Did you accomplish your goals from last year?

4. How did you ring in the New Year?