Date Night at Home

Updated: Mar 3

WOW is it really February 1st! One of my favorite holidays is just around the corner, not Presidents’ Day, but Valentine’s Day! Sabino and I like to celebrate at home and avoid the overcrowded surcharged restaurant scene. That is even more true now that we have a 3-month-old to take care of. For all the couples who are planning on staying in this year, I have complied a list of my favorite at home date night ideas

1. Wine and Cheese night- Do a DIY wine tasting. Go to your local market, for me it's going to be Trader Joes, and pick out a few different bottles of wine and pair them with some cheese and crackers. You can go really crazy and add in some cured meats and chocolate too

2. Sushi night- Order an array of sushi and set up shop on the floor. Set up your space with pillows to sit on around a low table. If you don’t have a low table to eat from, you can always use a box and cover it with a nice tablecloth

3. Beverage and a Board Game- Pick your favorite board game, for us it happens to be Scrabble, and pour each other a drink. A little competition can be a fun way to bring you closer to your honey.

4. Choose a book to read together, can be romantic or not, but sometimes it’s nice to lounge together on the couch and take turns reading out loud. If you are not into books, you can always each look for some interesting articles or blogs to read out loud as well

5. Cook a fancy dinner together, now I mean beyond the usual baked chicken you make during the week. Try out something different. One year for New Year's Eve, Sabino and I made the most delicious scallops and risotto. Cooking a nice meal for just the two of us feels different then your usual run of the mill Wednesday night dinner

6. Coffee and Dessert- Why not focus on the best part of the meal. Bake your favorite dessert together, or if short on time, stop at your local bakery and bring something delicious home. Make your place feel like a local coffee shop and turn on some fun music to set the vibe. Pair your dessert with some coffee or tea, and you have an instant winner

7. Dinner and a Movie- This is always a classic, order your favorite takeout and lounge out in front of the TV. Watch that movie or start that Netflix series you have always been talking about

Hope you enjoyed this list and enjoy your Valentine’s Day with someone you love. Let me know what you’re planning!