Best Pregnancy Podcasts

Updated: Feb 15

Whether you’re a first-time mom or seasoned veteran, pregnancy and giving birth can be a daunting experience. I know when I was pregnant, I felt like I had entered this whole new mysterious world and wanted to learn as much as I possibly could. Everyday my body was changing and constantly I was questioning what was normal. Let’s not even get started on the thoughts going through my head about my impending delivery. There are all of these words and jargon used that you now have to look up...Pitocin, VBAC, effacement, and the list goes on. There are numerous prenatal visits, but they usually last about 5 minutes and leave you wondering if it is truly necessary to visit your OB so often.

Left and right you are given advice and stories from your mom, sister, friend, neighbor, and even sometimes strangers on the street! It can be overwhelming! I'll never forget the random lady at Walgreens who asked me if I was planning on breast feeding.....I mean, is it rude to say None of your business??

So rather than run scared through the streets, I decided to absorb as much educational content as I could find. I read books but I also listened to several podcasts that really helped prepare me for my labor and delivery. That is, as much as one can possibly be prepared. Below I have listed my favorite podcasts that I think EVERY pregnant woman should listen to.

If you’re like me, you LOVE hearing other people’s birth stories and the following podcasts are filled with a great variety from natural birth to Epidurals to C- Section and VBACS and so much more

1. Down to Birth- Cynthia Overgard and Trisha Ludwig

I learned a lot from this podcast! Cynthia is a hypnobirthing expert and Trisha is a certified nurse midwife. The whole premise of this show is education and informed consent. It really delves into all that is wrong with the obstetric model of care and how we can better advocate for ourselves as patients. When I started listening my mind was BLOWN. They have mini episodes where they answer listeners questions, and they speak to different experts or have guests tell their own birth stories. One of my favorite episodes, was episode #49 where they talk to Dr. Neel Shah, an obstetrician and professor at Harvard Medical School. He is working hard to improve maternity care in the United States.

Down to Birth on Apple Podcasts

2. The Birth Lounge Podcast- Hehe Stewart

This is another podcast I highly recommend. Hehe is a doula who is all about informed consent and evidenced based practice. Another one where my mind was BLOWN about what I didn’t know. For instance, cervical checks are pretty useless…along with other fun information and female empowerment. She has no problem calling B.S on “BAD” doctors and listening to her always feels like you’re listening to a friend. My personal favorite episode was #75 "Birthing without fear with January Harshe"

PODCAST | Tranquility by HeHe

3. The Mommy Labor Nurse Podcast- Liesel Teen

Liesel is a Labor and Delivery Nurse who gives a good amount of balanced information. If you are planning on having a hospital birth, I would definitely check her out. She really educates you on all aspect of birth and what you can expect when giving birth at the hospital. Along with the above two podcasts she also does a lot of interviews of mothers so you can hear a variety of birth stories. My personal favorite was episode #84 "Kim Perry's three totally different births"

Mommy Labor Nurse on Apple Podcasts

4. Unswaddled- Naps and Nurture by Naps

This podcast is made by two former labor and delivery nurses, Emily and Jamie. The get into details about pregnancy and parenthood while keeping it real. They have a way of speaking very candidly about real issues in a way that will make you feel like you’re hanging out with your girlfriends on a Friday night. They are both mothers, and they talk about their real-life experiences from pregnancy up to early childhood. One of my personal favorite episodes I listened to was #3 “Visitors versus Helpers.” Yes, it’s referring to that time when you bring baby home and the texts start coming in asking to see the baby.

Unswaddled on Apple Podcasts

Those are my top 4 podcasts I listened too while pregnant. I believe that they all helped me throughout my pregnancy and prepared me for my labor and delivery. Whatever your preferred mode is, I highly recommend finding some form of education prior to giving birth. Going in blind without any education, may work for some, but I believe better outcomes can form from taking the time to prepare and learn. Let me know your thoughts below!



1. Have you listened to any of these?

2. What were your favorite resources when you were pregnant?