Bare Basic Essentials for a Newborn

Updated: Feb 9

Let's be honest, the baby product industry is Huge, and we are being marketed to left and right. The fact of the matter is that we don't actually NEED a lot of the stuff we buy and register for. A lot of these products are nice and helpful, but sometimes with a new baby money is tight or you live in a small apartment or house and just don't have a lot of space for a million different baby products. Below I am going to list what I think you need for a baby at minimum.

Disclaimer: “This post contains affiliate links. As an amazon associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. I only recommend products that I use and stand behind”

  1. Car seat- Invest in a good car seat with good safety ratings. You need this prior to leaving the hospital. We use the Uppa Baby Mesa Car seat and have been very happy with it. Pro Tip: I recommend practicing with the car seat prior to birth to make sure you know how to use it and adjust the straps. My husband and I made the mistake of not doing this, and it was definitely a little stressful when we were leaving trying to figure out how to put her in the seat properly.

2. Clothing- Now I recommend not going Crazy on the clothing. My daughter only fit into "Newborn" size for 2 weeks, and 0-3 months for 2 months. She has clothes that she grew out of before she even had a change to wear them. My advice in the beginning is to keep it simple, sleep and plays are my favorite, especially ones with a zipper. Pay attention to the season they will be born in, a baby born in summer will get more use out of T-shirt onesies then a baby born in winter

3. Safe Place to Sleep with 2 sheets- We use a bassinet; I know some people use their pak and play. Baby needs a safe place to sleep, and I even use it as a safe space to place her if I need to run to the bathroom really quick. I can't say this enough, have at least 2 pairs of sheets. When we first brought Emi home, there was one night where we went through 2 from leaking diapers (we most likely weren't fastening them correctly...first time parents) and were thanking God when we had that 3rd sheet to put on her bed. Our bassinet came from Amazon, it's the Mika Miky bedside bassinet. I like this one because our baby girl is growing fast and is going to be tall, this bedside sleeper provides her enough room, so she won't be crunched. It also can be raised up to the level of your bed, and the side rail can be dropped so you can do a safe version of co-sleeping.

4. Diapers and Wipes- Definite essentials, we go through an amazing number of diapers each month. Again, I recommend not buying too many is Newborn size to start, we have a bunch leftover that we never got to use because she sized up so quickly. It is also good to try a variety of diapers to see which ones work best for your baby. For instance, Pampers did not work for her, we found that Huggies fit her the best.

5. Burp Cloths- I personally think you can never have enough of these. Our little one spits up multiple times of day, and for the past month has had increased drool, so we go through many cloths a day. I try to keep them everywhere in the house where we might feed or congregate. I have a set of the Burts bees cloths and also a set of Muslin ones I bought on amazon

6. Bottles or Pump, if pumping, bags to store milk in- This will vary based on what you decide to do with feeding your baby. In most cases you can get a pump free through your insurance, so it's definitely worth having one on hand prior to delivery. If you are planning on formula feeding, you need to have formula and bottles. If you are breast feeding, it's a good idea to have some bottles on hand, for when/if you decide to give your baby pumped milk

7. Swaddle or Receiving Blanket- I personally think the swaddles with the velcro are the easiest for sleeping. One that gives you the option of putting hands in or out is the best. We had to try a couple before we found one that Emiliana liked. She ended up sleeping well in the Halo Swaddle. We also have some muslin receiving blankets which are nice if we are just carrying her around and want to have a blanket on her

Extras that are nice to have

  1. Stroller- I love my Mockingbird stroller, and really enjoy taking Emiliana out on walks during the day when weather permits. That being said, if money is an issue, it is not something you need right away when bringing baby home. If you want to take your baby outside you can always carry them out, or use a baby carrier which brings me to my next item below

  2. Baby Wearing Sling or Carrier- I personally prefer a soft stretchy one for the newborn phase. I have been using the comfy fit hybrid carrier, however as this is my first time using a carrier, I do find it a little tricky to put on by myself. It took me multiple attempts to get comfortable with it

  3. Breast Feeding Pillow- Definitely helpful, my person favorite is from My Breast Friend. If you don't want to use a special pillow, you can always substitute with pillows from your home. In the beginning I used our bed pillows and propped her up to a comfortable height for feeding.



  1. What are your essentials for a newborn?

  2. Did your essentials change from 1 baby to the next?