An Honest Tubby Todd “All Over Ointment” Review

Updated: Mar 3

Tubby Todd is quickly becoming a favorite of parents across the country, people swear by the magical “All over Ointment.” So, when Emiliana developed a large mystery rash on her cheek at about 6 weeks of age, I decided to see if this ointment lived up to the hype. Let me say, I am not affiliated with Tubby Todd, nor am I receiving any compensation for this review.

The “All Over Ointment” comes in small 3.5 oz jars for $18.00 each, one caveat is that in order for free shipping you have to spend a minimum of $50.00. I am someone who Hates paying for shipping, but for the magic cream I sucked it up and paid the extra $4.99. So in all, I actually spent $24.18 and it took just about a week to arrive.

On their website, the “All Over Ointment” is advertised as all natural, made from all plant-based ingredients. It specifically mentions being good for both eczema and cradle cap. So, my first impressions of the cream were that it felt rich and creamy to the touch. A little bit goes a long way, so I could see this jar lasting for a long time. After her bath, I put some cream on the rash and put her to bed. When she woke up in the morning, I was so surprised to see that the rash had already started to fade. That’s right, in ONE night, the cream already started working on a rash my poor baby had been dealing with for over 1 week! Now it took about a week of consistent use for the rash to completely disappear, but from this one experience, I am sold!

Now fast forward, we are at the 3-month mark and Emi appears to have started teething. She has been dealing with a rash right under her bottom lip that she has had for a few weeks. Unfortunately, with this rash, I have not seen a lot of improvement from the Tubby Tod. I believe the rash is being caused by excessive drooling, and that because of the constant exposure of drool to the rash it has not faded despite using Tubby Todd sometimes twice a day. Despite this instance not having the magic results I got from my first experience, I will continue to use it on her skin, because it is at least moisturizing the area.

Tubby Todd also has various other products I have not tried yet. They sell hair/body wash, lotion, diaper paste, and sunscreen, along with various other items. I do plan on eventually purchasing some of their other products and seeing if they are as great as the “all over ointment.” If you are dealing with a rash that won’t go away, I would say give the “all over ointment” a shot.


1. Have you ever used Tubby Tod products?

2. Any advice on a bad drool rash for teething?