37 Weeks Pregnant

Updated: Sep 20, 2021

So I can't believe I have already made it this far! A few more weeks until I get to meet my little baby Girl, Emiliana Isla. I am in full nesting mode right now, trying to get the house cleaned, working on setting up the nursery, and washing all her little clothes. I swear she has more clothes than I do!

As this is my first time being pregnant everything is new to me, and I have to say so far I have not had a very difficulty pregnancy (Sorry don't hate me moms!). The worst of it was by far the first trimester, where I had that horrible ALL DAY sickness, but luckily by week 15 it just magically went away. The second trimester was as it's been described to me "The Honeymoon Phase", a little more energy, appetite is back, and just overall feeling good. I have been on maternity leave since I hit 36 weeks, which has definitely made the third trimester easier for me. It's such a luxury to get to sleep in, especially with all the late night bathroom runs! I give major props to all the mamas out there who worked up until their due date. You all are truly amazing! Here's my bump picture, excuse the no make up just out of shower look !

Sabino and I have been prepping for birth, by taking an on-line birth class by Mommy Labor Nurse, I have found it pretty helpful since my plan is to try going unmedicated. It teaches a lot about natural pain control methods, different positional changes, and pushing/breathing techniques. Of course we will have to see when the day comes if I can focus on what I've learned.

Our plans for the next few weeks are (as I'm sure you guessed), Clean!, Bring up my fall decorations, Go on as many date nights as possible, and enjoy our last few weeks as a family of 2!


Any other first time mamas out there? Hoping your pregnancy is going well!

For my experienced mamas, How did your pregnancy go? Feel free to pass on any words of wisdom!

And what are you doing or what did you do in your last few weeks before baby?